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Sincharoen Veneer & Plywood Co., Ltd.
Sincharoen Veneer & Plywood is the premium plywood manufacturer in Thailand. We aim for best quality products delivery to our customers in order to gain their satisfaction and trust. Quality management system & standardization, research & development as well as human capacity building are core fundamentals of our operation and practices. Nowadays we are ISO 9001:2008 certified by the Management System Certification Institute (Thailand) or so-called "MASCI".

In addition to management system, our products are regularly tested in accordance with the national plywood standard, namely the Thai Industrial Standard No. 178 (TIS 178). Recently we have passed the product certification process and are TIS 178-2006 (B.E. 2549) certified by the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI), a department under the Ministry of Industry who governs all aspects relating to standards and conformance of the country. These achievements can guarantee you that we will always serve you with reliable products in terms of quality and standard.

To make you more convenient and to ensure the value of money, we provide you a variety of panel board products to cope with various purposes of use. We can provide plain plywood, water-resistant plywood, water-proof plywood, fire-resistant plywood, laminated plywood, laminated veneer lumber (LVL) as well as slice fancy veneer overlay. In general we produce and keep stock of popular-sized plywood which are 4 mm.; 6 mm.; 10 mm.; 15 mm. and 20 mm. of thickness. In case of reasonable number of production and special request of the customer, we can tailor you any product thickness from 3 mm. to 25 mm. to support your specific requirements.

Last but not least we always welcome any feedbacks and complaints from our great customers and stakeholders as valuable inputs to our management processes. We look forward to doing business and sharing success with you.

Thai Essman Co., Ltd.
TEM is a manufacturer of polyester and paper overlay on plywood, MDF, Particleboard, and hardboard. We have plenty of texture and pattern to fit your need in furnitures making and interior design.
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