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Our Product

Generic Plywood
Dimension   Width 4 ft. or 1220 mm.
                      Length 8 ft. or 2440 mm.
                      Thickness 3 mm. – 25 mm.
Grade           Grade A Very good quality of face veneer
                      Grade AB Good quality of face veneer
                      Grade B Moderate quality of face veneer
Purpose of use
                      Internal use (UF glue)
                      Water-resistant (MUF glue)
                      External use or Waterproof (PG glue)
Special glues
                      Low emission glue (E1 and E0)
                      Fire-resistant glue
Standard Plywood (TIS Plywood)
We are certified in accordance with the Thai Industrial Standard No.178-2549 (TIS 178-2549) by the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI). The certification covers our premium product range as following:
                      o Thickness 3 mm – 20 mm.
                      o Quality Grade 3/4 and 4/4
                      o Purpose of use Internal use, Water-resistant and External use (Waterproof)
** TIS plywood order has to be placed 1 month in advance for material preparation.
Fancy Plywood
We also produce decorative plywood so-called " fancy plywood " which is covered or veneered with hardwood sliced veneers such as teak, maple, sapele , cherry, beech, walnutred oak, ash, white oak, birch, and so on. We also provide various type of board to be veneered on in order to fit all customer usage and requirements, such as plywood, MDF, particles, hardboard and/or paperboard.

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